Viñas + Montserrat

we are a multidisciplinary design studio made up of graphic design and communication professionals with a long history and experience in branding, corporate communication, visual communication and digital communication.


Our work includes graphics, identity, strategy, positioning, packaging, photography, websites as well as exhibitions and installations.


Our structure allows us to maintain direct and close contact with our clients because we believe that the best way to provide service is the total commitment of the creatives to each project. Personally and with total dedication.

What we do


We create lasting brands, with purpose and content.


We help to develop the brand by communicating the differential character that makes it unique and recognizable, so that it is perceived as a generator of value, so that the experience that users have with the brand is meaningful and memorable.

How we do it


We combine creativity, knowledge, craftsmanship and technology and turn them into ideas and experiences


We put vision and imagination at the center of everything we do. We use strategy, design and all the tools and resources to create, transform and position the brand in all environments and media.


We listen actively, to know the needs of the client and our values: rigor, transparency, honesty, proximity and commitment to the territory that welcomes us.